About Me

    The paradox is that I am not one of those people who reigned over the online kingdom, on the contrary, I consider myself a rookie of the social media.

    Strange enough, pushed by an over demanding job and the need to relax I felt like writing and share it with the world out here.

    Pharah will be my name and I invite you to discover my realm. I am ying and yang, I am soft and strong, I am dreamy and a details maniac.

    I don’t like to fit in a box that society expect me to fit in, I defy “rules” that most of you find normal and I will continue to honour my own feelings no matter if I will be judged by many.


    In a way, this is my journey to becoming more of an artist than I am today.

   Thank you for taking part of it!


PS: I am not a native English speaker, so be indulgent.

Contact me: contact@innerthrill.com