Fleurex 2016

My artistic half has always been there, somewhere, hiding behind the rational one that took over…more out of fear. Fear of failing to be a good enough artist to earn a living or maybe just fear to try and see how would the world react in response to my own way of interpreting different types of arts.

Last year I decided to give it a try to another thing I wanted to try for ages: floristry. I followed a beginner’s course and I was surprised how many things I could learn in just seven sessions. For a while, shadowed by stress and endless working ours, this will of creating through flowers was hibernating.

Today I attended Fleurex 2016 in Kenilworth, Sheakspear’s county. The event left me speechless, from the exbitors, to the main stage shows and the debut designers, everywhere I looked I had something new to learn about and to inspire from. I found out that there is a new product on the market, a type of metallic lace ribbon that you can easily shape and also that Oasis launched Biolit which means that the foam sits in a biodegradable paper like base.

The main stage shows were brilliant. Two iconic Designers with a different style presented some unforgivable over d’art. Laura Leon presented colourful, juicy, full design with a touch of retro chic simplicity. Annette Von Einem wanted to show the Scandinavian style, contemporary, close to nature, simple elegant lines. Laura Leong represented UK in the Europa Cup 2016 competition. Annette Von Einem is the Designer that big fashion names, magazines and companies call whenever they want their event taken to the next level. Personally, I loved both styles and I was impress with the outcome.


Photo credits: Me.

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