Relax in Annecy

I’ve heard a lot about this little town Annecy. We were in Chamonix for a mountain activities related holiday, but because my leg is not fully recovered, I needed a day off. I was sure I will be bored just wondering around a town, I was there for the adventure not to lose precious time in a town…but Annecy managed to surprise me. It is indeed perfect for a short break.

It was a sunny day and although there were still 2m of snow above 2000 meters, around the temperature around the lake was 25 degrees and we sunbathed for an hour…I think. There were flowers everywhere and I couldn’t take my eyes of them. Being brought up in a country where flowers full of coulour are everywhere during summer, I miss them a lot in England.

It was a market day, so we lost half an hour in the market, buying some cheese and trying the local specialties, then entered charming small boutiques, looking for hidden treasures. There are plenty of chic boutiques for every taste: clothes, jewellery, decorations.

For lunch, we found a Creperie Breton and because you can’t eat crepe Breton in our part of England, it was an easy choice.

We couldn’t leave without a visit to a Boulangerie to have a patisserie desert. Yes, we have Paul in England too, but believe me when I say that any patisserie you buy in France is way better than what we can find in England. Next stop was the Charcuterie for a homemade fine Fois Gras and the Chocolaterie for some made in heaven chocolate. All of this needed to be complemented by a unique bottle of wine too which is not at all hard to find. Leaving in France for 2 years, we never had problems finding a good bottle of wine, they start at 10 euros. The same bottle of wine will be around 30 pounds in England and it is still not the same quality, you can feel the chemicals after each sip.

I don’t have to say that dinner was a feast, as we couldn’t wait to taste the wonders.


Photo credits:Me.

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