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I was looking for something different, out of the ordinary, to do or attend when a friend suggested this World of Wizardry Convention. Yes, I am fascinated by anything it has to do with magic, witches, out of the ordinary beings, creatures of tales and myths.

Although it wasn’t an official Harry Potter event, it sounded like it might be just the thing I was looking for.

The event took place at the Nottingham’s Conference Centre, a building part of Nottingham University, in the centre of the town. I was pleasantly surprised by the way contemporary architecture of the conference centre was blending with the old architecture of the historic University building.

There were all sort of exhibitors presents, you could find anything from sweets, jewellery, clothes, posters, decorations, of course, all of them having something to do with witches, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, werewolves, elves, steampunk fashion etc. A joy really, for whoever is a fan of the “genre”.

Different Harry Potter related personalities were invited to attend picture sessions and talks. I went into Spencer Wilding Special Creatures talk, where he told us about his werewolf character, costume challenges, and how acting didn’t came easy to him, being a dyslexic child. For those of you who don’t know already, he was the British-Welsh kick-boxing champion and this helped getting him noticed and persuade this other passion, acting. He ended in a very positive tone, thanking universe/God that his son is now healthy (he was very ill, I believe he said cancer) and they can enjoy life like any normal happy family.

Probably the highlight of the day was the evening Ball, that I haven’t addended...sadly. I didn’t felt like going all by myself and nobody else was available/free that weekend. Will plan next convention well in advance and prepare a nice costume for the evening mascaraed ball. Can’t wait!


PS: 2017 Convention details here:

Photocredit: Me

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