Steady, ready...Christmasss!!!

Yep, it is that time of the year again. It's 1st of December and the countdown to Christmas begins!

I thought of beginning December with an article about the best Christmas commercials of the last 3 years (after I moved to UK). I also sneaked an older one that really stood with me. Let's begin!

1. Sainsbury 2015: Chubby Mog was first brought to life by author Judith Kerr, a German born writer, settled in England. Her family had no other choice but to leave Germany before the Nazis came to power, because her father, a Jewish theatre critical, had openly criticised the Nazis. Guess who is going to be a hero without having the least intention:

2. Sainsbury: 2014’s ad is a very powerful one, inspired by a historical fact. It is a story about Christmas bringing people together even in the most hostile circumstances: first world war, Dec 1914, the Christmas truce. Enjoy!

3. M&S 2016's Christmas story blends old and new motifs, around the main subject: family. Misses Clause enters the scene to respond to this last-minute request and proof of brotherhood love. Love it!

4. Bailey 2013: You know the clip is a master piece only by looking at the distribution. I will say no more for now and maybe give this clip a post of its own. Yes, I know, I am a dancer…so, I am subjective .

5. Waitrose 2016: I like how this little guy fights the odds and in the end, his reward will be even greater than expected.

6. Very 2016: Here it is an animated commercial that I like. Who doesn’t like a little bit of magic?

7. McDonalds: Go out there and make it happen!

8. TKMaxx 2016 : This is one you either love or hate. There might be some of you who will find it hilarious, so here it is:

9. John Lewis 2015: I think this is the saddest Christmas commercial I ever saw. Do you agree?

10. Lidl 2016: Has a similar story with the one above, it definitely touches a chord, but in a more positive note.

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