A Sunday about Hair

I woke up this morning feeling tired, already. Yep…this became normality over the past two years, because of my impossible job. It is Sunday and tomorrow I should be fresh and ready for work…ya right! When did this happen last time? Hmmm…I can’t remember really.

I had so many plans for today and besides groceries, cooking, cleaning I wanted to dance a bit…difficult with a level of energy below zero.

What was to be done? I decided that today is about pampering myself, trying to build up the level of energy and then deal with any other activities…if I still feel like it.

The thing I care less, usually is my hair. So the decision was simple: my hair will be getting a treat today!

This is the day when I stay around the house mainly, and I don’t care if my hair looks a little bit greasy than usual, so I can apply a nutritive moisturiser oil. The oils mixture I use right now is Charles Worthington Moisture Seal. It is a concentrated blend of Argan, Abyssian, Coconut,Tsubaki and Macadamia. If you use a small amount, it will be very nicely absorbed and your hair will not look that greasy at all. Because is Sunday and I often forget to look after my hair, I used a little bit more. The smell is very delicate, suave, not heavy at all. It is stronger immediately after application but it dissipates in a few minutes and will leave you with this fresh light scent and silky hair.

If you are like me and were afraid to use oils to hydrate your hair just because your hair is fine and you have greasy roots anyway, you should give this product a go. When used on your ends, if you apply a small amount it can be used daily and your hair will be nourished and not greasy at all.

With it applied, I drank a green tea latte, watched some dance and make up videos and with my hair in a bun off I went to the supermarket.

I quickly came back for a relaxing second step.

Second step is about revitalizing my scalp and boost the hair growth with a roost mask: Back into the roots from Grow Gorgeous.

The recipient has a tipped applicator making it easy to apply. They say you should apply a generous amount while massaging and leave it for 10 min. It has a cooling effect and strong minty scent like one of those minty chewing gums, so if you don’t like mint I am afraid you won’t like this mask. The ingredients together with the cooling effect will stimulate your scalp circulation stimulating this way, the growth. I found it refreshing, easy to apply.

After the dry hair masks, I will wash with System Professional from Wella. You don’t want to wash away all that goodies that your hair indulged from and dry it out again, so a delicate shampoo is a must. I mainly use the Color Save from their line, but you can use whatever works for your hair. Sometimes I also go for balance and Volumize which is totally recommend if you have fine hair.

The last step is optional (for me) and it depends on how I what my hair to feel and look like the next day: 3 minute miracle reconstructor from Aussie.The balm mint extract will restore manageability and leave your hair shiny. The scent is a sweet one, hard not like, I believe. For me is optional, because applying this on my fine hair it will take away any volume I might have, so I go for it just from time to time. If you are having problems with frenzy nasty, out of control hair, this is the product for you.

I will let you know about my face pampering weekend sessions next time!

Hope you enjoyed!


Photo credit: Boots and the brands' sites and 2 of my own (I think you can tell which)

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